Ohio State University Stadium Renovations

IT Design for Upgraded Seating and New Amenities for Buckeye Fans

Nestled snugly on the banks of the Olentangy River on the Ohio State University campus, Ohio Stadium is one of the most recognizable landmarks in all of college athletics, hosting more than 36 million fans since its opening in 1922. With its present seating capacity of 102,780, Ohio Stadium is the fourth-largest on-campus facility in the nation. Refurbished in 2001 for $194+ million, the horseshoe-shaped stadium is a monument to college football. As part of the renovation, the once portable South Stands became a permanent fixture.

In 2016 Ohio State's athletics department began a four-year renovation project to preserve and upgrade parts of the iconic facility and provide fans with new amenities. The $42 million project included removing 2,600 seats from the Stadium’s B-deck and converting the space into a premium hospitality area with the addition of 12 suites and 35 loge boxes, a new type of fan experience that offers private suite-type privileges in prime, open-air viewing locations.

With a budget for approximately $2 million, Level-1 Global Solutions and BCL IT Consulting Joint Venture (Level-1+BCL JV) delivered the IT, wireless, A/V and Security design for the renovation of Ohio Stadium’s suites and loge boxes through the Construction Manager (CM) method, which allows the general contractor to participate as an adviser during the design process. This project delivery method improves communication between the two parties and allows for input on the availability and cost of suggested materials and potential alternatives.

Level-1+BCL JV worked closely with University’s Office of the Chief Information Officer and the Stadium’s A/V department to identify the specific needs of the suites and provided IT Infrastructure and A/V equipment solutions, incorporating customized design elements to meet the needs of the multi-use spaces for both games and events.  Level-1+BCL JV also provided a cable map of the existing cables and pathways after building a temporary tech closet and moving an existing tech closet. The project was completed with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software in collaboration with the architect.

Level-1+BCL JV’s design solution offers high density, high capacity wireless coverage and IT infrastructure to support the new seating’s IT usage for the next 10 years and A/V to meet the Stadium’s needs for home games and year-round events. 

BCL IT Consulting, a certified women business enterprise, is Cincinnati’s top IT and security designer with 25 years of experience creating environments that are optimized for the future.

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