Level-1 Global Solutions was founded in the emotional and terrifying days that followed the September 11 terrorist attacks. A team of experienced IT professionals and engineers was assembled to carry out our founding vision – to design and implement world class technology infrastructure solutions using the latest technologies – with integrity, transparency and a commitment to excellence.

Since then, Level-1 has been entrusted to design and implement mission-critical infrastructure systems for municipal governments, medical and transportation centers, educational institutions, architects, interior design, and commercial real estate professionals, in addition to the agency created to protect people on the ground here in America – the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Perhaps due to the seriousness and uncertainty of those early days, we at Level-1 have remained particularly cognizant of the threats to people, business intelligence, technological and real property assets for which our public and private sector customers must submit to careful planning and countermeasures daily. We play a small role, but it is a role that we approach diligently and dutifully. We take seriously our commitment to design, implement and protect the technology infrastructure that facilitates efficient government and business operations so that these institutions may better serve and reduce the tax burden on the American people, provide economic opportunities for working families and contribute to our nation’s global competitiveness.

Among the hallmarks of our operations is an abiding commitment to provide strong customer relations and customer service, and to apply best industry practices and the latest technological solutions available around the world to meet our customers’ very specific infrastructure and technology challenges as well as their core business objectives.