Mission Critical

We enable state-of-the-art enterprise network, telecom, security, das, wireless, connectivity, conditioned power and environmental systems protection to ensure reliable operation, even in cases of component failure. 

Reliable. Enhanced. Continuous. 

High-tech, mission-critical facilities and networks require future-proof design and infrastructure. From command centers to campuses to the smart cities of the future and high-tech factories and distribution centers, our insight driven approach, safeguards critical business functions, maintains access to data and applications, and keeps communities safe.  

Our comprehensive approach means mapping, aligning, installing and managing all aspects of technology infrastructure system design and construction from planning to implementation. To ensure compliance for the future, as needed Level-1 can upgrade standard industry practices to protect electrical power systems, network equipment, and cables against natural and man-made disasters. A separate electrical system can be designed to support off-grid operations during an emergency ensuring networks and the databases they support can remain online, even during power outages. From outside cable plant and distribution frame construction, to multimode fiber-optic distribution, and electrical systems with conditioned power, battery backup, high-frequency grounding and electrical distribution, to static and automatic transfer switching systems, mission-critical means protected, reliable access everyday, every hour.