Addressing cybersecurity and IT gaps in an ever-changing workplace: 4 keys to staying safe in your new digital office space | Security Magazine

May 17, 2021 | Article

In his most recent article in Security Magazine, Thomas D. McElroy, II discusses how one can learn four important keys to staying safe by addressing cybersecurity and its gaps in a new digital office space. 


Cybersecurity has always been tremendously important to organizations. But in the current environment, adequate security measures are harder than ever to implement. Many organizations now manage thousands of laptops, mobile devices, and apps. Moreover, these devices and platforms are being used by employees across a variety of settings, including in their homes, in offices, and even while traveling.

In addition, since the onset of the pandemic, health and safety concerns have been paramount for companies. Many businesses have begun to integrate touchless technologies and wellness resources at their facilities. While these features are great for promoting employee health and safety, they can make cybersecurity even more challenging. 

Numerous drastic (and rapid) changes to workspaces have left many IT professionals and departments feeling woefully unprepared to meet evolving IT security threats. Many individuals in these positions feel as if they are struggling simply to catch up with the current rate of office transformation. And with employees working from more settings than ever before, cybersecurity measures face greater vulnerabilities. 

To meet the current challenges in the marketplace, companies are now rolling out new technologies that support remote connections, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), web conferencing platforms, and intranet portals that allow employees to work behind a firewall from anywhere, thus protecting sensitive data. While a few companies were ahead of the curve and had already implemented some of these solutions, many were caught having to shift and retool quickly in early 2020. …

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