Bronzeville Lakefront

Integrating Network Systems to Support Community Wellbeing in the former Michael Reese Hospital Location

Over the coming decade, this expansive lakefront area of Chicago will be transformed into a model health and wellness community. Beginning in 2021 with the transformation of over 13 acres, this abandoned land will flow into a vibrant work/play community with parks, recreational, commercial, and residential space along the lakefront. More importantly, this mega-development, forecasted to expand to 52 total acres upon completion, will provide a wealth of employment opportunities to minority and women-owned business owners and the workforce that supports them for the next 10 years.

As long-time residents of Chicago, Level-1 leadership is committed to the positive economic impact of developments like the former Michael Reese site throughout the city, especially in the South and West Side minority communities. We are proud to help enable the robust and sustainable vehicles for economic improvement that supports meaningful change for families, elderly community members, and minority business owners through this regenerative project.

The vision for the new lakefront development between 26th to 31st streets includes the ARC Innovation Center, Singer Pavilion, a community center, senior housing, park space, housing, retail, a division of Sheba Medical Center, and a modern hub to fast-track global technologies developed by local startups. Level-1’s leadership as the Network System Integrator will empower the vision for a healthy community of the future. Designing and integrating systems in telemedicine, precision medicine, digital innovation including big data and artificial intelligence, virtual reality, rehabilitation, and surgical innovation will promote health in the community and natural ecosystem. This profound and massive win for Chicago’s Southside residents will celebrate the rich cultural legacy of Bronzeville while promoting healthy social, economic, and environmental change.




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