Chicago Marriott Residence Inn and Spring Hill Suites Security Management System

Physical Security Consulting and Threat Assessment Services

Level-1 provided security consulting services for the Chicago Marriott Residence Inn and Spring Hills Suites that included multiple threat assessments and risk mitigation strategies, cost-saving recommendations, and the development of a fully integrated security management system.

Level-1’s security management solution included a system comprised of access control and alarm monitoring system, an intrusion detection system, a CCTV system, and an intercom communications system. Level-1 assessed the hotel’s security posture to provide a baseline for future network security initiatives and analyzed risks by exploiting the potential and existing security threats and vulnerabilities. Level-1 designed a network to mitigate against vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and performed technical, non-technical, and physical testing. Level-1 also made space planning recommendations and advised on additional low-cost access control points for the hotel room locking system.

Although the Residence Inn and Spring Hill Suites are on the same plot of land, both hotels operate independently and share back-of-house functions. Level-1’s Network Infrastructure and Security Teams customized an enterprise threat assessment aimed at identifying risks and vulnerabilities related to the hotel’s network and the overall security awareness of its employees. Through the use of its proprietary testing methodologies and industry-leading assessment tools and techniques, Level-1 protected databases containing personal guest information and employee records from malicious hacking. Level-1 also conducted a real-world hacking scenario to test a series of new automated security alert and detection controls and designed a risk mitigation roadmap based on the potential risks identified during testing to ensure continued security.





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