Chicago State University Westside Campus Development

Installing a High-Tech System for a New Higher Education Building

Chicago State University (CSU) is a primarily nonresidential campus on the Southside of the city committed to providing quality education and engaging with many diverse communities as one of Illinois’ two minority-serving institutions. CSU’s approximately 6100 student population reflects the full spectrum of 21st-century American demographics, including diversity of income, language, age, learning styles, race-ethnicity, and national origin.  

CSU Westside Campus Development project could play a major role in the future of Chicago’s Westside and West Suburban communities and includes academic programs and student activities that further the university’s commitment to delivering services that help to connect communities that surround them as well as foster urban economic development. Another major function of the development is to offer continuing education (non-credit) courses, certificate programs, and community events. The preliminary project program called for the development of an approximately 100,000 square feet of permanent structure built in two phases, with a projected overall budget of $60 million. Phase 1 is budgeted at $40 million for a 71,000 square foot facility and Phase 2 is budgeted at $20 million for a 29,000 square foot facility. Phase 2 is not anticipated to take place for a number of years after enrollment has stabilized. Phase 1 enrollment is projected at 520 full-time equivalents, approximately 100 of whom will be freshmen and sophomore students.

CSU hired Level-1 to provide comprehensive design services and construction administration for the Westside Campus Development, which included two academic buildings, parking, and beautification. Level-1 collaborated with other contractors and CSU’s IT department to design the IT infrastructure for a US Green Building Council LEED-certified HVAC system and a fire protection system. Level-1 also conducted a geotechnical investigation and report for the design of underground structures for a stormwater management system, working with the Chicago Office of Underground Coordination and all utilities concerning underground construction and provision of utility service to ensure that best management practices were implemented.




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