Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways Computer Upgrade

Computer Infrastructure Improvements for CCDOT’s Suburban District Office

Cook County is the second-largest county in the U.S. and home to more than 40% of all the residents in Illinois. The Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways has jurisdictional authority over 568 centerline miles of highways, which includes responsibility for maintaining 1,426 lane miles of pavement, 132 bridges, 360 traffic signals, and seven pumping stations from four maintenance facilities.

During the process of installing new computers and networking equipment in agency offices across the county, the highway department discovered that many of the locations lacked the infrastructure (e.g. power, physical security, environmental controls) to support the upgrade and needed a prime contractor to provide a cost-effective solution.

Level-1 designed a distributed technology solution consisting of an 84×36-inch glass enclosure with the built-in power protection, environmental sensors and controls, and physical security required to reliably run a network and its composite systems at each agency location. Level-1 and its manufacturing partner created a single customized data center with built-in power protection, environmental controls, and capacity to accommodate reasonable future expansion. To ensure reliable, continuous operation of each site’s self-contained distributed technology center, each enclosure’s sensors capture and transmit data on temperature, humidity, power consumption, and security via Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP). Level-1 also custom-designed a browser-based interface to translate data for review by authorized highway department administrators.






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