Cook County Recorder of Deeds Supportive Infrastructure Assessment

Recommended Upgrades for a New Customer-Friendly Accounting Application

Cook County is the second-largest county in the U.S. and home to more than 40% of all the residents in Illinois. The Office of the Cook County Recorder of Deeds (CCRD) accurately records, stores and maintains land records and other official documents in perpetuity for public and private use, facilitating home ownership and mortgage lending. CCRD staff works to provide access to this information in an accurate, efficient, and courteous manner, both in its physical offices and online.

CCRD also maintains a Property Fraud Unit to help homeowners investigate fraudulent filings against their property and coordinate law enforcement efforts on behalf of victims, safeguards vital military discharge records, and operates a Veterans Service Office to provide veterans and their families with dignified and attentive service.

CCRD wanted to install a new Automated Collection System/Advanced Marketing System (ACS/AMS), a customer-friendly computing and networking hardware and software application for billing and cashiering and needed to evaluate its existing infrastructure to make improvements in order to support it.

As the prime contractor, Level-1 conducted a comprehensive review of existing infrastructure against the new ACS/AMS’ demands and determined that CCRD’s infrastructure was not prepared to meet the needs of the system, which relies on high-speed data connectivity, continuous power, and environmental controls to keep local servers and other equipment from shutting down.

Level-1 provided CCRD with a report of recommended upgrades that addressed:

  • Electrical and environmental requirements
  • Building and electrical code compliance
  • Equipment and infrastructure space planning
  • UPS requirements and recommendations
  • Compliance with ANSI, TIA, EIA, and NFPA standards

Level-1’s solution included interviews with stakeholders, end-users, decision-makers, and building personnel to ensure that all needs were addressed and CCRD’s infrastructure is prepared to run ACS/AMS as well as accommodate future upgrades.






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