McCormick Place – Alternative Care Facility for COVID-19 Patients


Providing Emergency Technical Services To Serve All Of Chicagoland During Global Pandemic

Level-1 was selected by city leaders to help provide the technology behind the intake stations, patient rooms, healthcare provider devices, and HIPPA compliant security in the newly created McCormick center healthcare facility. In less than five days, Level-1 Global Solutions and local partners were able to design and implement the technology for the more than 3,000 patients the healthcare facility will potentially house, a fraction of a typical multi-month long process in the healthcare world.

With a one-week turnaround time, the advanced technology was expected to run on day one as seamlessly as RUSH hospital’s infrastructure. From keeping patient information private, to seamless connection between healthcare team workstations and devices, and securing how communication would happen in and outside of the facility, every piece of the technology required critical assessment to ensure it was safe and secure. Level-1’s more than 20 years of experience in healthcare and technology enabled us to see the critical gaps that needed to be covered in this one-of-a-kind environment.






Technical Services