Tech Safety In The Emergency Services Sector: Overcoming Obstacles In The Adoption Of New Mission-Critical Technology | Forbes

Aug 10, 2021 | Article

In the latest of his articles as a member of the Forbes Technology Council, Level-1 CEO Thomas McElroy explains how keeping ESS systems safe and reducing the risk of cyberattacks is essential, as these systems and networks are used continuously to deliver emergency services to our most vulnerable citizens.

The emergency services sector (ESS) is subject to a tremendous number of threats and hazards. Unfortunately, there are countless opportunities for the wrong people to steal information and disrupt or threaten the delivery of essential and urgent services. While many new technologies can enhance the way ESS operates, these new technologies often introduce new vulnerabilities as well. As advanced communication technologies become more prevalent in ESS, including 5G, AI and IoT solutions, these vulnerabilities must be addressed.

Currently, the most significant cybersecurity issues include advanced persistent threat attacks, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, increased connectivity and disruptive digital technology. Issues that private companies face, such as threats from ransomware and malware, also remain a problem.

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