The Evolution of the Workplace: A Sneak Peek Into Innovations Impacting Commercial Real Estate | Forbes

Mar 10, 2021 | Article

In the first of his articles as a member of the Forbes Technology Council, Thomas McElroy discusses the role of office space and how companies will need to adapt their technologies to the requirements of the work environments of today and beyond. 

The year 2020 was marked by the dramatic transformation of home and work life. Personal and professional processes were quickly transformed from traditional environments into digital solutions and virtual work teams. However, now that we’re at the beginning of a new year, new innovations are starting to show promise that we will be able to move forward and even transition corporate teams back into a physical building to collaborate and work soon in some cases. 

Of course, it’s no surprise that businesses and enterprises — both small and large — now need to rethink their plans about the role of office space and how it will technologically align with the latest attitudes concerning life at work. No matter a company’s long or short-term goals, the odds are that their workplace will look dramatically different than it did even a year ago. 

To respond to businesses’ changing needs, property owners are now in the process of accommodating either a full or gradual return of staff, but they’re doing so in a way that leverages technology to incorporate the latest health and wellness solutions. In fact, commercial real estate owners can deliver a competitive advantage by incorporating new solutions that will make their properties more attractive to buyers in this current environment. Doing so could give their properties a boost over the competition by offering enterprises that are eager to get back to work a place to do so safely and quickly.

Now that there are hundreds of technologies surfacing in the market to support the return-to-work mission, the below provides a helpful at-a-glance view of the top five innovations that office space leaders should consider to make their properties more attractive.

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